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What is Select Lincolnshire?

Select Lincolnshire is a brand that has become an established aid for the food and farming industry and aims to showcase the range and quality of Lincolnshire produce.

Who are Members?

For one, we are! There are a wide range of collaborating businneses within Nort, North East and Lincolnshire Counties. Membership is helping to promote a strong recognisable brand, with members using the brand in different ways to fit with their own business plans. You can view the range of Restaurants, pubs, tea rooms, farm shops, B7B's and farmers/food producers that are members by visiting the website below.

What Does the Brand Do?

Not only does the brand advertise the fact the Lincolnshire is a county with huge food provenance and an expertise to match, but also the ultimate aim is that it will help you to sell more of your products, increase your profits as well as making a positive contribution to the Lincolnshire economy. The more businesses that join, the louder the collective voice, which in turn will raise consumer awareness, and lead to brand loyalty and longevity.

What Is Good Taste Magazine?

Good taste magazine is a publication which is now under new management and now being published four times per year,  with lots of new and exciting recipes, walks, features and news - make sure you get your copy.

The magazine will still be free and you will find it widely available as usual from Farmers Markets, Farm Shops and throughout Lincolnshire in branches of Lincolnshire Co-op stores.


Select Lincolnhsire Restaurant of the Year 2018-2019


Certificate of Excellence 2018-19
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